Glendora Autos

Our calls increased from 5 to over 30 a day. Very pleased!

Plaza Motors

I was happy with my current advertisement but now I see the potential in massive online advertising.
Tommy's Cars

I have never had these many inquiries coming in, thanks!

H & K Cars & Trucks

I am very impressed. I had to hire someone to handle all inquiries and phone calls!! StarSun Auto World helped me with so much, I would recommend them anytime!

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  Competitor 1 Competitor 2 StarSun Auto World
Tools provided to you to post YOU have to spend hours everyday posting in 1-5 sites They post in 1-3 sites for you WE post in 15 HIGHEST ranked sites for you
Let you add any additional sites   Extra charge yesFREE
up to 3 extra sites
Unlimited inventory   Extra charge yesFREE
Submits website to hundreds sites Yes Extra charge yesFREE
Vast Network Lead Generation Yes Extra charge yesFREE
Post your cars   Once and a while yesFREE
consistently over 60 times/week
Unlimited frequently inventory exports/imports   Extra charge yes FREE
Let you add any additional payed site to export your inventory to   Extra charge yes FREE
up to 5 extra sites
FULL SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Only basic light SEO Extra charge yes FREE
Extra features for your website   Extra charge yes FREE
Setup advanced AdWords campaign   Extra charge yes FREE
Charge for amount of exports/import Yes Only if done too frequently yes FREE
Let you customize/update your website Extra charge Extra charge yes FREE


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